453 Vandehi Suite 120
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009
Phone: 307-433-9555
Embroidery Class
The embroidery class is open to everyone. We will teach you the stitches you need to know and we have plenty of free patterns to get you started. b
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Free (or almost) free
CLUBS, SEWING & FREE We have all sorts of free or almost free classes, gatherings, get togethers, and sit & sew groups that don't often get a lot of attention. I want to make sure that you don't miss out. The Tuesday Morning Quilters meet on the first Tuesday of each mon...
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Wyoming Army
February 28, 2012 The Wyoming Legislature is interested in studying what Wyoming should do if the federal government collapses. Apparently the lawmakers are thinking we need our own draft and standing army, our own currency, you know, all the things any mini country inside a big cou...
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Grammy Awards 2-13-12
I must be getting old. I see myself as mid 30s and I often surprise myself when I look in the mirror. But age was on my mind when I watched the Grammy’s last night, caused, in part, I suspect, by all of the old geezers reenacting their youth. I had several thoughts: 1. This is a ...
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Color Slides -- Feb. 8, 2012
I’m sorry, but age gaps are sometimes just too funny. I’m walking through the office and I hear this young woman trying to explain a photographic slide. “It’s this little square thing, called a slide?” Clearly this was new to her. “It’s got this cardboard frame about like this” sh...
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Super Bowl
It took me longer than an hour to watch the Super Bowl because this time I didn't fast forward through the commercials. I liked a lot of them: the zip line with Leno and Seinfeld, the fat dog, the apocalyptic car ad with the Twinkies--that was funny (although I understand Ford is ...
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We like to think of our shop as a color explosion. Our 2,500 bolts feature batiks, western, flannels, novelties, children’s, reproductions, modern, traditional and, sometimes, the unusual. We have a large selection of notions, books & patterns, including patterns from local desig...
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