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Ongoing Classes & Clubs

AccuCut Rental Sept 21, 4-6, Oct. 19, 4-6, Nov 16, 4-6, Dec 1-4 $10/30 minutes
We have an industrial size AccuCut cutter with several dies: strips, squares, triangles, rectangles. Sign up for time of the AccuCutter to change your stash into usable strips, squares, rectangles and triangles. We will rent to machine in ½ hour intervals (you can get a lot cut in 1/2 hour).

Block of the Month First Sat of month 10:30-11:15 FREE Barb Boyer
Join at any time. You get a free fat quarter if you come to class with the previous month's completed block. This year we're making a black & white + one color quilt. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is work within the black & white palette (plus one color placed where ever you like). For the color choice, we are drawing paint chip cards, covered in newspaper so you can=t see what color you=re getting. But...if you don=t like the color you=ve drawn you can 1) swap with a neighbor, or 2) draw a new color. And if you just can=t bring yourself to work in neon green and no one will swap with you, you can just choose your own color.

Grandmother's Flower Garden, English Paper Piecing last Monday of each month, 2-4 Barb Boyer $20 (one time fee)
We will teach the basics of English Paper Piecing, the simple & easy way to hand piece. English paper piecing dates back to the early 1800s. It is a hand sewing method that uses paper templates to help sew complex angles together, like hexagons. Any number of different designs can be made, including Grandmother=s Flower GardenCthis is the pattern we=re doing this year. We will also show how to hand piece the traditional way, also, if you are interested.

Hand Embroidery Club2nd Sat. of the month, 10-noon FREE Kathy Sconce
If you want to learn to hand embroider or just brush up your technique, join us on the second Saturday of the month from 10 to noon. You can work on your own projects or you can join the project we are doing. This year we are following a purchased pattern called Gardner=s Alphabet Quilt Block of the Month by Crabapple Hill. We will explore a variety of embroidery stitches for each block each block (2 letters per month), plus we will learn how to color with regular crayons to enhance the blocks. Each month Kathy Sconce shows us a new stitch to try, plus, she guides us through thread choices, how to knot, fabrics to use, and tracing techniques.

Knit Pickers' Club 2nd and 4th Wed of each month, 3-7 Carol Moler
We are changing up the Knit Pickers= Club. We=re going to knit 2 days a month every second and fourth Wednesday, and we=ll start earlier in the day at 3. For those you you who work, we=ll still be knitting >till 7. The Club is open to all skill levels. We want to share what we've learned, find new patterns, and simply just sit and knit. We work on some felting projects, fingerless mittens, mittens, and socks. And we are working on a group projectBmeaning everyone does the same pattern. Each month we will learn a different pattern, make it into a square and eventually put all the squares into one projectBafghan, scarf, bag, etc.

Live Each Season Wool Applique Thurs: Sept 5, Oct 3, Barb Boyer $20
This wool wall hanging has 4 rows: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. We started the project last year with the Winter row. We've done the Spring and the Summer and now it's onto Fall. You can join us for this last row, and then pick up the other rows is you want to do the entire wall hanging. You will learn wool applique, various embroider stitches, and how to add fun embellishments to your wall hanging.

Long Arm Quilting ClassesWednesdays from 10:30-1:30, 2:30-5:30 Barb Boyer $30 (check calendar for specific times & dates)
In this class you will learn all about the Nolting long arm quilting machines: loading, threading, quilting. I=ll demonstrate how to load and thread, set stitch length, change tension, wind and load bobbins. Then I will load a practice quilt onto the machine and show how to do hand guided quilting. Each student will be given at least 15-20 minutes of practice time. (Each class is limited to 4 students). You will be able to do free hand quilting plus you can practice following a pantograph. Any quilter who wants to rent to machines must take this class first, regardless of whether you have experience on a long arm machine. This class is not designed to teach you everything there is to know about long arm quiltingBit=s just a start.

October Classes

Hand Piecing Wed Oct 16 10-noon $25 Sandra Freeburg
Everyone who quilts needs to learn to hand piece. Sometimes we need to have small portable projects to take with us in the car, to doctor appointments, and sometimes, just for relaxing stress free quilting. Learn to hand piece with traditional methods. There are many patterns that are so difficult to piece by machine, but are beautiful when done by hand.

Hand Quilting Wed Oct 30, 10-noon Sandra Freeburg $25
Hand quilting is an art that should not be lost. By the end of Sandra's class you will be hand quilting with confidence. Everyone has at least one special quilt that calls out for hand quilting. And there is nothing better than the feel of a hand quilted quilt. Do yourself a favor and learn this art that connects us to our past - our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers.

Holiday Tote Bags Wed Oct 30 2-5 $20 Barb Boyer/Sue Frerich
Just in time (barely) for Trick or Treating: Make a cute tote bag to fill with candy for Halloween. Or make a Christmas tote bag to "wrap" your presents in, or just make some "green" holiday tote bags for carting groceries from the store.

Intro to Wool Applique Wed Oct 23 10:30-2 $20 Barb Boyer
We will make a small needle case (to hold all of your hand piecing, hand applique, binding, embroidery needles). We will have small kits ready for stitching. You will learn various methods for wool applique and will learn several embroidery stitches for the embellishing.

Stack & Whack Sat Oct 12 (1-6) & 19 (10:30-4) $20 Barb Boyer
Stack & Whack quilt take quilting fun to a new level. We can help you choose your fabric to make this kaleidoscope beauty. I like working with fun novelty prints, but big florals, Japanese prints and almost anything by Alexander Henry works great. You will need 8 repeats for your yardage: best to come in and we'll help you find the right fabrics. The class is taught in 2 parts: First Saturday is cutting; second Saturday in sewing (but if you get things cut early, you can start sewing).

November Classes

Beginning Machine Applique Thurs Nov 6-9 $25 Barb Boyer
So many quilts use applique these days. Learn the ins and outs of machine applique, from points to curves. We will practice the button hole/blanket stitch, satin stitch, and you can also play around with your decorative stitches. Threads, fusibles and stabilizers will be discussed.

Beginning Machine Quilting Thurs Nov 7, 6-9 or Nov 24, 1-4 $25 Sue Frerich
Be prepared to quilt! You will practice your quilting skills on various samples, using both your walking foot and darning foot. Batting, threads, needles and patterns will be discussed. Who knows? By the time you leave you may even be able to write/quilt your name!

Boxy Tote Bag Sat Nov 16, 10:30-4 and Nov 30, 1-6 $25 Jean Korber
This adorable tote bag was designed to carry your small sewing machine, but it can be used for so many things. The Boxy Tote has pockets all the way around on the outside and inside! Heavy duty formed metal stays keep the bags mouth wide open, easy to get your Singer Featherweight sewing machine in and out. Jean has dissected the pattern and made it easy to follow.

Churn Dash Flannel Quilt Thur Nov 7 & 14, 1-4 $20 Barb Boyer
Three sizes of churn dash blocks make up this delightful flannel quilt. You need 14 fat quarters, but if you like our sample, we have 4 kits. The quilt is a little bigger than a lap size, bordering on twin, but you could add borders to make it bigger. Perfect for our winter weather soon approaching.

Fall Mystery Quilt Mon Nov 4, 11, 18, 25 $20 Barb Boyer
We have 6 Mystery kits-Once a week you will pick up instructions: Week 1, cutting, Week 2 piecing, Week 3 piecing, etc. You won't know what it will look like until the very end. Don't worry, the pattern isn't hard, but we will keep you guessing as to what the final quilt will look like. And we've already made it up, so we know what it will look like, and trust us, it's a very cool fall colored quilt. You will only pick up your patterns each week; you will do your sewing at home.

Intro to Sashiko Sat Nov 2, 4-6 $20 Kathy Sconce
Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan. Traditional Sashiko embroidery used white thread on a blue background, but today's sashiko uses many colors of thread, including variegated, and a variety of different colored backgrounds. The main stitch is a type of running stitch and the patterns are often geometric. Learn the basic stitch in the intro class and make a small wall hanging, tea towel, or quilt.

Machine Applied Binding Thur Nov 21 1-4 $20 Jean Korber
Jean will show you several ways to cut and apply binding, completely by machine. Then if you bring a small project, that is already quilted and ready for binding, you can use Jean's techniques and tricks to apply the binding to your project. You probably won't finish your binding, but you will get hands on experience so you can take what you've learned & finish at home.

Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Sat Nov 9, 1-6 $20 Sue Frerich
We have several kits to make this wonderful black & white (plus a hint of red) Christmas tree. If you have not tried paper piecing, this is a perfect class to get you started. We will also have some individual patterns, so if you want to choose your own fabrics, you can do so. This quilt would look great hanging on the back of a door or on the wall for Christmas.

Pillow Case Party Sun. Nov 17 1-4 FREE
If you've never made a pillow case, or just want some time to sew a pillow case, this class is for you. This is a great mother/daughter styled class and pillow cases make great presents!

Triangle Frenzy, back again for the holidays Sat Nov 23, 10-1 $20 Barb Boyer
table runner uses a 10" border stripe and a 12" 60 degree ruler to cut large triangles then spin them around to arrange them in a swirling pattern. Simple & easy to do. You may even be able to make 2 during class.

December Classes

Binding Sun Dec 15 1-4 Barb Boyer $20
You'll learn how to accurately cut you bindings, whether bias, cross or straightBand when to use which one. You'll learn how to cut, the sew, join (so easy) and hand stitch part. Bindings so easy peasy you=ll wonder why you were ever nervous about putting on the binding.

Christmas Stocking Thur Dec 12 10:30-4 $20 Barb Boyer
Learn to make pieced Christmas Stockings just in time to hang for Santa's arrival. These stockings can be as simple or complex as you want to make them. We'll talk about different lining and cuff options.

Credit Card Holders Wed Dec 18, 1-4 $20 Barb Boyer
Make a fast,easy credit card holder that is lined with that special stuff that prevents hackers from stealing your info. Two fat quarters will make several card holders, or you could use a fat quarter and our cork fabric, to make an extra special card holder.

Dragon Quilt Thus Dec 5 10:30-4 $20 Barb Boyer
In the Beginning has created this marvelous dragon fabric: in orange & flame colors, or cool blues & purples. The dragons are in a panel and there is a coordinating border stripe. The blocks are easy and the panel makes this quilt go together quickly. You will also learn how to miter the borders-a new skill to add to your toolbox!

Intro to Wool Applique Mon Dec 9 1-4 $20 Barb Boyer
We will make some small ornaments, using a kit. You can make either mittens, stocking, or credit card holders. You will learn various methods for wool applique and will learn several embroidery stitches for the embellishing.

Triangle Frenzy, back again for the holidays Sat Dec 14, 10-6 $20 Barb Boyer
This table runner uses a 10" border stripe and a 12" 60 degree ruler to cut large triangles then spin them around to arrange them in a swirling pattern. Simple & easy to do. You may even be able to make 2 during class.

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